Elon tweets that made me money

Who says trickle down doesn't work?

Elon Musk thumbs upping in front of spaceships in the background

1. "Tesla stock price is too high imo"

The $TSLA haters will tell you that this was Elon admitting that Tesla is laughably overvalued.

The wiser of us know that he was hinting at the upcoming stock split. Hindsight, eh?

The stock tanked over the next ten-ish minutes, and then had a nice little recovery.

This tweet came in before I'd left my job and started full time trading, but it got me excited about it.

I traded this with a very small amount of capital, and thus didn't make anything exciting here, but it was the first real time I'd used technical analysis and been happy with it.

I was looking for a reversal, and traded a bit of the recovery. My entry point was seeing one higher high and higher low 📈, and my exit was - well, I can't remember, but it was equally simplistic.

It's mostly luck that it worked out, but seeing the potential of combining technicals with "news" catalysts will always be a significant turning point for me.

2. "Gamestonk!!"

One word, two exclamation marks, one WSB link. Say it and I'm yours.

During the height of the Gamestop hysteria, on a day when $GME had already gone up 70% (after already being up crazy amounts from the week prior), Father Elon tweeted this masterpiece. $GME ran up, and didn't take a breath along the way. This will likely be the best trade of my career, maybe forever. I peaked early.

Why can I be smug about this trade, when it was barely effort on my part?  Well:

  • I knew that Elon tweeting would be a big catalyst for $GME movement. I'd seen several examples of stocks reacting to barely a word from him.
  • I was expecting him to tweet, to the point where I had loud, on-call-like notifications set up for it on all my devices.
    • Why? Firstly, the man loves to jump on a meme.
    • Secondly, and more importantly, he HATES short sellers. He has a long history of bashing them and being bashed by them. I was half expecting him to release an essay about the topic during the $GME era, but a one-word tweet is what we got, and that was all we needed.
  • His tweet came in at 4:08pm. This was significant, so I went close to all in on this one.
    • Why? The stock market "officially" stops trading at 4pm, but after hours trading kicks off then. And there are fewer pesky rules and regulations during after hours - specifically, volatility halts aren't a thing in after hours, so this thing could shoot right up (or down, but y'know), without even blinking. I suspect he knew what he was doing with this one, and I love him for it.
  • The asymmetric risk:
    • With a solid stop loss in place, I also believed that the only risk was $GME getting manually halted by the SEC or the NYSE. However, I believed this wouldn't happen in after hours trading... but that's why I'll never go all in.

3. Doge skit on SNL

Okay, this one wasn't a tweet. It also didn't make me any money, because I don't trade crypto.

But I predicted Doge would crash when Elon went on Saturday Night Live, and it did, to a tee. The internet seemed to believe he would mention Doge and give it the publicity it needed to go to the moon.

Now, a prediction like that doesn't even mean I could've traded it successfully - but I feel smug anyhow.